Windows 10 Steampunk Edition x64 (VM 0b0t) - ANARCHY VM

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Windows 10 Steampunk Edition x64 (VM 0b0t) - ANARCHY VM
CollabVM virtual machine
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Introduced10 May 2022
OSWindows 10
Node IDvm0b0t
Previous incarnationsWindows 7
Windows Vista
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows 2000
macOS Mojave
Next VMVM1

VM 0b0t is the first VM and the oldest Anarchy VM in CollabVM (formerly the Mac OS VM and the Whitelist VM), the proud home of pure unadulterated Anarchy (formerly SWF projector shell trojans), unpatrolled, ungoverned and unregulated, free of judgment, the absolute worst of CollabVM culture, a mockery to all that is fair and good, the bad future of CollabVM, a malware paradise for forkies to reign freely and eat away at fine culture, disrespecting it and destroying its integrity in the process, a place where authority and prestige is meaningless, a place where human etiquette and societal norms are meaningless, a place where power and justice is meaningless, a place where moderation is completely nonexistent, a place where you can detach yourself from reality and take in a whole new dystopia where you will never thrive, a place where nothing ever changes and no one ever learns... where horsefucking, and more recently, taking orders as a waiter holding numerous positions at various well-established restaurants part of the Papa Louie franchise, and even more recently, working as an Arstotzka border patrol agent stamping "Denied" on everyone's papers, and most possibly the most recent, running GandCrab and other ransomware through an autotyped bitsadmin Run command is the VM's, the GandCrab bot's, and the admin's favorite pastime. The name is a reference to the oldest Anarchy server in Minecraft,

It runs Windows 10 Steampunk Edition (a Windows 10 bootleg you can get from Crustywindows) with a few custom programs added, which is running on a 100GB hard drive with 2 gigabytes of RAM. The idea for this VM came from CHOCOLATEMAN, which emulates the 2016/2017 CollabVM experience, where there were less restrictions and more chaotic. Due to the nature of the VM, the various shortcuts on the desktop have weird and hilarious titles. Aside from the non-Windows VMs and the Install Any OS VMs, this VM is the only one to not have disk quotas in place.

The VM has the wallpaper set by default as an Orwellian rendition of the cult classic Duke Nukem wallpaper. There are several custom programs and games, and other things on the VM (ie the Chrome theme, extensions and bookmarks, custom pictures and more), which is contained in a list you can view here with this link.

The premise of the VM is that none nearly none of the CollabVM rules (except the first 4, due to an obligation to federal law and our server host and there are some new rules in place to mitigate excessive viewing of such content as child pornography and gore) are enforced, effectively making it an Anarchy VM, as anyone can do whatever they please on the VM without restriction.

The CollabNet web filter and Whitelister have been disabled for the VM, meaning anyone can join with any VPN/Proxy/Tor node, and visit any website they please. This allows for a lot more freedom and flexibility compared to the regular VMs, which are restricted with AD system policies and normal system tools being replaced with customized ones to stop you from killing critical system processes, and have CollabNet, Whitelister and Windows disk quotas in place to prevent you from accessing inappropriate/malicious websites, connecting with any proxies or VPNs and downloading large files such as Windows ISOs to fill up disk space.

However, since CollabNet is not enforced on the VM, anyone can open up just about anything, which may include NSFW content (pornography and others), which is why the VM thumbnail has a blur on it by default. The CollabVM administration team will still actively enforce the CollabVM and VM rules on the VM however.

This also marks the return of Debianguy in 2 years, and seandc02 also came back to the site after like... a year or three? HOLY FUCK FLUFFY'S BACK He got b& FLUFFY HAS RETURNED YET AGAIN!!! 2017 COLLABVM WILL NEVER DIE!!!

Prior Incarnations

Operating System Version Time Period
Windows 10 Steampunk Edition 2023-03-13 - now
Windows 9 Windows 9 Pro 2023-02-14 - 2023-03-13
Windows Vista Windows 2007 - Build 6021 2023-02-05 - 2023-02-14
Windows 8.1 Windows 8.1 Google Chromium Edition 2022-12-26 - 2023-02-05
Windows 10 Windows 10 Christmas Magic Pro 2022-11-23 - 2022-12-26
Windows 7 Windows 7 Mac Extreme 2015 2022-11-23 - 2022-11-23
Windows 7 Windows 7 Christmas Edition 2015 2022-11-22 - 2022-11-23
Windows 7 Windows 7 Pony Edition 2015 2022-10-20 - 2022-11-22
Windows 7 Windows 7 FaceBooK Edition 2022-08-09 - 2022-10-20
Windows 7 Windows 7 Angry Birds Edition 2022-05-23 - 2022-08-09
Windows Vista SP2 - Extended Kernel 2022-05-10 - 2022-05-23

Installed Programs & Games on VM 0b0t

There are numerous programs and games installed on the VM along with some pretty interesting things hidden deep in the VM. This list is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate but it certainly is not complete either. This particular list includes (but is not limited to, sans the WPI default programs):

The programs on the VM are Google Chrome, Audacity, Unitale, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, GIMP, ChomikBox, Dissenter Browser, Dev-C++, Visual Studio 2017, dnSpy, Detect It Easy, Oracle VM Virtualbox, Apple Giftcard Generator, VM0 Antivirus, CollabVM Botter, CollabRAT, Minecraft, VirusWire, VM0 Technical Support and Wednesday.


A copy of Mesa for Windows in the Downloads directory.


May 10th, 2022:

Welcome to VM0b0bt, the oldest Anarchy VM on CollabVM

    ZOMG NONE!!!
    Rules 1, 2, 3, and 4 still apply
    NO COLLABNET!!!!!111

Good luck and may god have mercy on your souls

March 2023:

Welcome to VM0b0bt, the oldest Anarchy VM on CollabVM

    ZOMG NONE!!!
    Except these
    You people ruin everything

Good luck and may god have mercy on your souls



the dates in the description dont reflect the dates on the actual VM dont listen to that its chinese propaganda trying to trick u


Former Incarnations