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modeco80 is a female CollabVM user that programs in C/C++ mainly, because other languages suck fucking dog dick. She's pretty average for the CollabVM developer, and has written lots of stuff to shit on the VMs as well as managing to make Forkies very angry (no shit sherlock). In fact, it's been proven that forkies hate her as much as CHOCOLATEMAN. She's also done some pretty stupid new and interesting ways to (ironically) fork the VMs too. She can sometimes be seen writing C/C++ code on the VMs, similar to thefleebs. You may even catch her laughing at your existence in VM chat, or even using Let's Play! in her spare time.

Her shit

  • Working on NeptuneVM or, as we'll call it from now on, the real CollabVM 2.0 cause let's be honest that slow lazy fuck Cosmic isn't gonna finish it for shit.
  • Oopslock, it makes the computer not usable at all and shows an background that says oops, since there's no escape, this is a forkie tool.
  • Oopslock 2, same as above but this time you can escape, now uses IronLock and unfucked source code.
  • IronLock, a library to lock the computer (no shit).
  • HonkLMOS, a custom LMOS implementation that displays Love Live porn, uses the original LMOS AHK source for reference only.
  • Afork, a background program that makes batch skids cry and fucks over forkbombs.
  • Whee/Pixta/Pixta2, all of them are mostly the same, they are fuckfests that'll rape the vm's guis and make them unusable.
  • Synetra/Synetra 2.0 (literally Cosmic CollabVM 2.0 release schedule), gets ripped off constantly, rapes mouse and makes it do the funny kit.