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The current avatar of this user.
Nationality United States
Years active 2015 - current
Status Active, not on the VMs
Problematic user (Forkie) No

CHOCOLATEMAN is a CollabVM, and Wiki administrator since 2016. He has used CollabVM since 2015, making him an oldfriend.

He is the undefeated champion of CollabVM. He sometimes accidentally screws the VM up but is on the side of good. He is the world's best Solitaire player.

He is generally chill with everybody. He's just chill in general. However, there are some exceptions, that being a certain type of silverware.

He used to be frequently active on the site, from 2016-2017. His usage of the site has started to slowly dwindle since. Now, he only logs on the site every once in a while.

He is most known for:

  • The CHOCOVIRUS series of viruses created to stop forkies in their tracks, to much success. The latest version prior to CHOCOVIRUS 7 (the newest one yet) is CHOCOVIRUS 6, and CHOCOVIRUS 5 which has its own article on this wiki. Its VB6 counterpart is here: CHOCOVIRUS 98.
  • (N-word).bat
  • CHOCONUTS (edit of Katie Frogs' POKEBALLS)
  • Forking the VM to stop forkies from forking the VM
  • Destroying the VM to stop people from destroying the VM
  • Ruining the fun to stop people from ruining the fun
  • Trolling (doesn't do it nearly as much as he used to)