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View page in: Template:RUT | Template:RDT Template:ForkieAfraid The undefeated champion of CollabVM. He sometimes accidentally fucks the VM up but is on the side of good.

Forkies are his only known enemies. He is one of the administrators.

Known for:

  • The CHOCOVIRUS series of viruses created to stop forkies in their tracks. Latest version prior to CHOCOVIRUS 6 (the newest one yet) is CHOCOVIRUS 5. Its VB6 counterpart is here: CHOCOVIRUS 98.
  • Nigger.bat
  • Forking the VM to stop forkies from forking the VM
  • Destroying the VM to stop people from destroying the VM
  • Ruining the fun to stop people from ruining the fun

He consists of the following:

  • 100.0% chocolate
  • 100.0% man