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14 July 2022

  • curprev 17:5817:58, 14 July 2022Undefishin talk contribs 2,491 bytes +2,491 Created page with "<syntaxhighlight lang="powershell"> for(){write-host "NIGGERS" -f(get-random 16)-b(get-random 16)-n} </syntaxhighlight> ==Forkie Niggers== <syntaxhighlight lang="powershell"> function w($t){cls;sal n get-random;$z=$host.ui.rawui.windowsize;for(){$h=$z.height-1;$w=$z.width-$t.length;$y=n($h+1);if($y-ne$h){$w++}[console]::setcursorposition((n $w),$y);write-host $t -f(n 16)-b(n 16)-n}}w "NIGGERS" </syntaxhighlight> <syntaxhighlight lang="powershell"> function Write-Rainbo..."