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Some or all of the info on this page is outdated and needs updating.

UserVM is a version of CollabVM that allows people to host their own VMs. It can be found here. In order to host a VM on UserVM, you will need to get in contact with the administrators (Usually through our Discord server) and have a working VM that has been port forwarded. see the UserVM Handbook for instructions on how to set a VM up

List of VMs

This was last updated on 2024-06-5. May not be accurate.


Hoster Node OS Description VM List Name & "Description" Screenshot
Elijah 2011pcsim Tiny7 A tiny7 VM that emulates the feel of a family computer from 2011 2011 Family PC Simulator - Hosted by Elijah
6eamed 98vm Windows 98 SE A VM that runs windows 98 SE Windows 98 Second Edition - Hosted by
Elijah calculator Calculator A VM that runs a calculator Calculator - Hosted by Elijah
Spy cvmpy_draw The demo of, which allows users to draw on the screen Draw! - a demo
Elijah forkievm1 IOS 2.1.1 VM that runs emulates a iPod Touch 2G (ForkieVM1) IOS 2.1.1 (iPod Touch 2G) - By Elijah
Madz madzvm1 Windows 7 Enterprise (Subject to change) VM that runs Windows 7 Windows 7 - Hosted by
Madz madzvm2 Windows Server 2003 (Subject to change) VM that runs Windows Server 2003. It can be accessed through the public internet with IPV6 (Work in progress) Windows Server 2003 - Hosted by madz258.
MDMCK10 mdvm1 Windows 11 x64 Lite VM that runs a stripped down version of Windows 11 [MD-1] Windows 11 x64 Lite ovm1 Windows Vista VM that run Windows Vista with some programs preinstalled. Windows Vista - Hosted by ovm2 MiniXP A VM that just runs Bejeweled 2 Deluxe Bejeweled 2 - Hosted by
6eamed vxvm Windows XP A malware testing vm MalwareBox VXVM - hosted by
6eamed xppro Windows XP A Windows XP VM Windows XP Professional SP3 - hosted by
? train Alpine Linux A VM that runs train TrainVM

These are grouped in a separate category due to their abundance.

Former (basically killed off for good)

  • Original XBOX: Was hosted by DarkOK. Built on the XQEMU system and has unique controls. Named seXbox on the menu.
  • So much win! hosted by DarkOK, the infamous XSS VM
  • The venerable Wandows Pissta UserVM, hosted by you know who.
  • Little Timmy VM, hosted by Holy Network Adapter
  • CBL Mariner VM, hosted by Holy Network Adapter
  • Collaborative Minecraft, hosted by Holy Network Adapter. It allowed users (with the password, which you could get by asking for it) to play Minecraft 1.18.1.
  • Gentoo Linux: Hosted by Spy. 15 GB hard drive. Boots to a Gentoo Linux Live CD environment. Named DIY FUCKING GENTOO on the menu.
  • Several MacOS VMs (Mac OS X 10.3 (Hosted by Spy), Mac OS X 10.8 (Hosted by Spy)
  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server VM hosted by Spy.
  • Android-x86 VM, again hosted by Spy.
  • Mac OS 9.2.2 (Hosted by Bob Pony).
  • The trilogy of Windows Whistler build VMs, hosted by Bob Pony. Dead due to the shitty Whitelister thereby nobody could access it.
  • Windows Vista x64, Hosted by MDMCK10.
  • Windows NT Build 196 hosted by 6969.
  • Windows Server 2003 R2 with a port open, hosted by 6969.
  • TinyCore Linux, hosted by 6969.
  • Citrix Winframe 1.8, hosted by 6969
  • Mandriva Linux version from 2008: Hosted by gogo.
  • Windows 8 build 8064 x86, Hosted by ziad87
  • macOS Monterey , Hosted by Holy Network Adapter
  • Windows 8 build 7989, Hosted by Holy Network Adapter
  • A Vista VM and a Windows CE VM were both hosted by the same person.
  • Fedora 34: A VM that was to replace the Ubuntu VM, but was really slow because it came with GNOME 40.
  • Windows 10 Technical Preview (build 9888): VM that runs a Windows 10 beta. Has a bunch of shit with semi-funny shortcut names, Hosted by Holy Network Adapter
  • Windows 10 RTM Hosted by Elijah
  • Ubuntu Mate 22.04 Hosted by Elijah
  • Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, Hosted by Spy
  • Pissta the Second, Hosted by Spy
  • SQUID GAME!!: A VM hosted by ayunami2000 that had a built in audio and video player. It ran Windows 10, Windows 11, and Openkiosk
  • Chat VM, Hosted by ayunami2000
  • Windows 7 Kevin Edition Hosted by Elijah
  • Older versions of the Windows ME VM have existed.
  • CyberOS: A VM hosted by the people at CyberOS, The project is now dead.
  • GeekXP 4.0, Hosted by Longhorn5048 and Neptune 5112
  • Windows 8 build 8014, Hosted by Longhorn5048 and Neptune 5112
  • A bunch of Windows XP VMs hosted by MDMCK10 that all ran different games
  • A VM that ran the game snood
  • A Windows 3.11 game VM, Hosted by ch.
  • Windows XP VM, Hosted by almix
  • Android 1.6 (Russian), Hosted by almix
  • Cool: A Windows XP and Windows 8 Green VM hosted by Longhorn5048
  • Mineassemble, Hosted by Spy
  • MacOS X 10.5 (PPC), Hosted by Spy
  • The "first" Windows 11 VM, Hosted by Longhorn5048
  • Fuckvengers: A VM that ran a Windows XP Avengers bootleg.
  • Windows 7 - HP OEM, Hosted by Longhorn5048
  • Windows 10 insider build 21390, Hosted by Aye
  • Little Timmy VM 2, Hosted by Holy Network Adapter
  • Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise, Hosted by Longhorn5048
  • Potassium, Hosted by Spy
  • YLMF OS 3.0, Hosted by sneedVM
  • Windows Vista Beta 2, Hosted by Spy
  • VM7 No KVM: A VM that ran with No KVM so it was painfully slow
  • What the Fuck 3, Hosted by Longhorn5048
  • Windows 8 8064 VM that was view only and had RDP, Hosted by ziad87