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UserVM is a version of CollabVM that allows people to host their own VMs. It can be found here. In order to host a VM on UserVM, you will need to get in contact with the administrators and have a working VM that has been port forwarded and is not on your LAN. The best way to do this

List of VMs

This was last updated on 2022-11-26. May not be accurate.


Hoster Node OS Description VM List Name & "Description"
ayunami2000 ayunvm Chat VM A chat VM without any XSS support. chatvm (node edition) - all new SANICBALL button!! - made by ayunami2000

These are grouped in a separate category due to their abundance.

Former (basically killed off for good)

  • Original XBOX: Was hosted by DarkOK. Built on the XQEMU system and has unique controls. Named seXbox on the menu.
  • So much win! hosted by DarkOK, the infamous XSS VM
  • The venerable Wandows Pissta UserVM, hosted by you know who.
  • Little Timmy VM, hosted by Holy Network Adapter
  • CBL Mariner VM, hosted by Holy Network Adapter (no im bringing it back suckas)
  • Gentoo Linux: Hosted by Spy. 15 GB hard drive. Boots to a Gentoo Linux Live CD environment. Named DIY FUCKING GENTOO on the menu.
  • Several MacOS VMs (Mac OS X 10.3 (Hosted by Spy), Mac OS X 10.8 (Hosted by Spy)
  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server VM hosted by Spy.
  • Android-x86 VM, again hosted by Spy.
  • Mac OS 9.2.2 (Hosted by Bob Pony).
  • The trilogy of Windows Whistler build VMs, hosted by Bob Pony. Dead due to the shitty Whitelister thereby nobody could access it.
  • Windows Vista x64, Hosted by MDMCK10.
  • Windows NT Build 196 hosted by 6969.
  • Windows Server 2003 R2 with a port open, hosted by 6969.
  • TinyCore Linux, hosted by 6969.
  • Mandriva Linux version from 2008: Hosted by gogo.
  • A Vista VM and a Windows CE VM were both hosted by the same person.
  • Fedora 34: A VM that was to replace the Ubuntu VM, but was really slow because it came with GNOME 40.
  • Older versions of the Windows ME VM have existed.