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Some frequently asked questions on the rules.

Is opening "lolicon" a bannable offense?

"Lolicon" (and by extension, "shotacon") is, as you may have guessed, the subject of much controversy. It is directly banned by law in nations like the UK, New Zealand, Canada, and others, while in the US, it is a "gray area". Many regions in the US have attempted to ban the material completely. While many people have been arrested and convicted of possessing "lolicon" material, they either possessed or had possessed images involving real children at one point.

We generally do not allow lolicon to be viewed, so if you open it, you may be banned.

Is torrenting movies/TV/music shows a bannable offense? Will torrenting in general get me banned?

Torrenting in general will not get you banned. There are many legal torrents around. You would not get banned for torrenting something legal, for example Arch Linux, on the VMs.

As for torrenting TV shows, movies, songs, or anything copyrighted, if we receive a DMCA complaint from the copyright holder, we are required by our server host to ban you. This will be considered a violation of Rule 1.

If I did something that is illegal in my country, but is totally legal in the US, is that a bannable offense?

Yes. If you commit a crime in your country and we discover it, we will ban you under Rule 1.

Is opening porn a bannable offense?

As long as the porn is legal you will not be banned.

Is saying racial slurs/opening Nazi swastikas a bannable offense?

I'm not going to be the word police and ban everyone who says the N-word or opens a picture of Adolf Hitler, so go nuts.

Is breaking the VM a bannable offense?

No, if you want to break the VM go for it. (Please don't though, VMs have feelings too!)