CollabVM Server 2.0/Changelog

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A comprehensive list of all the changes in CollabVM Server 2.0.0

  • The server has been completely rewritten, and does not use any code from CollabVM Server 1 at all (hence why it has been given the new version number "2.0").
  • The website's interface now uses Formantic UI instead of Bootstrap 3.
  • The admin panel now automatically saves all settings - there is no more "Save" button.
  • User accounts have been added, allowing you to register and reserve your name.
  • User account ranks have been added - Unregistered, Registered, and Administrator.
  • User account rank colors have been added. Gray is Unregistered, Black is Registered and Red is Administrator.
  • Users can now be invited from the admin panel.
  • There are now built in server logs ("Recordings").
  • There is no longer a master password for logging into the Admin Panel - this is now managed through an account system.
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is now supported in addition to VNC. This allows you to host VirtualBox VMs or connect to a real machine using RDP.
  • Audio support has been added to both VNC and RDP. To use VNC audio you must use QEMU - it does not work with TightVNC/TigerVNC/RealVNC servers or VMWare. To use RDP audio you must either use VirtualBox with audio or a real RDP server. (Note that older versions of Windows - like Windows XP - may have buggy audio with the built-in RDP client).
  • You can now use any Hypervisor that supports VNC or RDP (or install a VNC/RDP server inside the Hypervisor) with the server. This gives support for programs such as QEMU, VirtualBox, VMWare, and Hyper-V.
  • You can now use Guacamole connection parameters, and pass i.e. VNC passwords with it.
  • You can now restrict VMs to registered users.
  • You can now pause turns.