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This is a list of funny quotes from collab vm users. Feel free to add to this page at any time!

Day of CHOCOLATEMAN playing on CollabVM:

Ordinary Day of when CHOCOLATEMAN plays Solitare on Experimental:


RJLPranks vista upgrader:

About to win solitaire game:

Technoturnovers writes a LoveEevee and CollabVM_Wikia/FluffyVulpix copypasta:

Ctrl admits he is a shithead:

  • Technoturnovers▸stop being a shithead ctrl
  • Ctrl▸Or what
  • Ctrl▸You'll ignore me?
  • The vote to reset the VM has lost.
  • Technoturnovers▸you realize you just admitted you are a shithead, right?
  • LoveEevee▸i know what's going on actually, had it on my own machine a long time ago
  • Ctrl▸Like I care lol