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Obsolete.png This page references older versions of CollabVM and its server, therefore, (some parts, or the entirety of) the information is irrelevant to the current version of the software.

cutebot is a CollabVM bot, created by LoveEevee. It is currently hosted officially by Dartz. It was created on May 28, 2016.

As of 2.0's release, cutebot is no longer needed, due to it not working with half of its commands, and it being incompatible with the new protocol, and so is no longer running on the main server.

There was the Discord bot counterpart of cutebot, but it got shut down.

Cutebot's commands and features


You can type "/r34" followed by space-separated tags for a desired picture, tags containing multiple words are joined with an underscore. cutebot then uses TBIB API to retrieve a url for a random image that matches the given tags. TBIB fetches images from many different image boards (or boorus). By default, it appends "rating:explicit" to all requests, which can be overridden by providing a different rating (either "safe" or "questionable") or telling cutebot to search in all images with "rating:none".

Command example: /r34 eevee rating:safe

On Discord, cutebot only responds in the following channels: #porn, #shrek, and #dansporn.

This feature is broken and does not work correctly.


You can type "/roll", followed by a number for a desired maximum roll. cutebot then picks a random number up to that maximum, and posts it in chat.

Command example: /roll 70


cutebot was able to log chat and takes screenshots of CollabVM every minute. As of 2.0, logs have now been replaced with Recordings.