How to install X Window System and a web browser on FreeBSD

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Assuming you have a fresh TUI-only install with internet access.

Installing X Window System

  1. Enter pkg install xorg
  2. Press Y when prompted
  3. Wait until it installs
  4. Done

Installing a web browser

You can do it in TUI as well.

  1. Enter startx to start X Window System
  2. Wait until it loads
    • You should see a few terminal windows and a clock
  3. Enter pkg install X where X is the name of the browser you want to install (for example, if you wanted to install Dillo, you would enter dillo)
  4. Press Y when prompted
  5. Wait until it installs
  6. Done

You might as well run it by entering the installed browser's name (if you installed Dillo, you would enter dillo)