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"Kitting" is an act of sending massive amounts of mouse and keyboard input and moving the mouse at extremely high speeds and velocities, therefore "bouncing" around the screen very rapidly. This causes undesirable actions to happen to the computer and thereby make the computer unusable. The most known user that uses kitting is Andrej Akan.


As the title suggests, Bouncer "bounces" (moves at extremely high speeds and velocities) the mouse around the screen, and rapidly clicks and right clicks everywhere, making the VM unusable. This utility is also called "Kit" which is named after its author, but that's not how it's really called. There is another tool named Bouncer, however that one is a skidded C# bot by jjjj and that's completely unrelated.

People who utilize Kit are named Kitfags.


Kit was made by.... someone named "Kit"! the original developer named it Bouncer but most people called it by the developer's name and that's why it is named Kit.

It has been weaponized quite a lot of times really and used to annoy everyone. Kit also may be the cause the removal of tunnel() which previously let you chat, vote, take turns and etc using JS code, while it is still possible to recreate some or even all of the tunnel, only 1 has done it.

In later years, Andrej Akan catfished DFU/Brandan to get the source code of the Kit implementation in CollabBot/polishbot, Andrej's has been going circles (and still is) when he got it. Andrej has also "leaked" the bot 2-3 times before.