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File:Simple Globe.svg This is totally real, I swear.
Fagot 2000
File:Fagot2000 Console.png

Fagot 2000 with controller model 1
Developer Unishit
Manufacturer Unishit Studios
Product family Unishit Video Game Consoles
Type Video game console
Generation Second generation
Retail availability Template:Vgrelease
Units sold 6 units sold
Media 3-track tape, Zip disk (Add-On) and a expansion pak which did nothing but add more RAM and make the experience worse
CPU Fagot 2
Storage Unishit Odyssey Memory Card (1B max. capacity)
Online services Niggernetwork, serving slow speeds since release
Best-selling game Grand Theft Auto: CollabVM Edition, 2 copies sold (as of 2001)
Predecessor Fagot 95
Successor Fagot CD

The Fagot 2000 is a video game console that was manufactured by Unishit. It was released on January 24, 2000, in North America, February 6, 2001 in Japan, February 19, 2000 in Europe, and March 2, 2000 in Australia. It was later released in the PAL region on March 28, 2000. The first generation console competed with Sony's NiggerStation, Sega's Fuckcast, the Nintendo GameCock and Microsoft's XPenis. The Fagot 2000 was Unishit's first shit home console to date. The console was shown at E3 1999. It flopped. Unishit stopped manufacturing the console after 2002. Unishit released a handheld version of the console called the Fagot 2000jr Junior, but it flopped too.


Unishit began providing development kits to game developers for its own video game console codenamed "Retard Odyssey" as early as April 1998. The console was announced as the Unishit Odyssey at a press conference in North America in 1999. Unishit unveiled its software lineup for the first generation console at E3 2000, focusing on 6 launch titles that included Grand Theft Auto: CollabVM Edition, Autism World, DOOM, and CollabVM: CHOCOLATEMAN Ninja. Several titles that were originally scheduled to launch with the console were delayed and scrapped.


After the launch, Unishit Neptune announced that Sony, Micropenis, Nintendicks and others allow their subsidiaries, divisions and development studios develop titles to Unishit Odyssey, but immediately realized the kits given to them wasn't fully documented, so no one made games for the Fagot 2000.

Launch titles

North America




  • Fagot 2 processor
  • Fagot Eyefuck 1 GPU
  • 128 megabytes of RAM

The Fagot 2000 supports all 3-track tapes and ROM cartridges but cannot actually do anything with most of them. It also has a internet modem with a shit connection at .0000001 baud per millenia.

Actual photo of Fagot 2000 tape cartridge


Unishit planned to release a successor to the this console under the name Fagot 3000, but was superior to the Fagot 2000 (they learned from past mistakes when making the console).

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