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jjjj is Andrej Akan and Trycs (also one of Nina005's many personalities) and Andrej Akan is Nina005. He is responsible for leaking Coo's credit card information.

if you want to troll him (t. give him attention, lmao retards) spam jjjj has schizophrenia and his alterego is nina005 in the chat

jjjj's "face"
jjjj pretending to be Dartz
jjjj impersonating others, then being caught by Holy Network Adapter

Facts about him

  • He is an internet troll meaning you shouldn't interact with him.
  • He tries to get everybody's personal information just to publish it in an attempt to get them off the site, and other people to abuse that information for god knows what.
  • He loves to impersonate people and say things like "I LIKE LICKING CHEESE FROM CHUCK NORRIS ANUS!" or "THAT CHUCK NORRIS PROLAPSED MY ASSHOLE!"
  • He also "hates" the ice fairy from the video game franchise "Touhou" named Cirno.
  • He wants to break Hildaboo's (and everyone else's) skull
  • He claims to be 22 year old (when he is actually 16 (and mentally 2))
  • He claims that he made everyone
  • Does not care about anyone except Janus, himself and his schizophrenic friends.
  • Claims to live in Pakistan but because he is actually Andrej that means he lives in Croatia.
  • Claims to work for Janus Cybercrime Solutions
  • Keeps running regedit to delete system keys and spams Windows Explorer which irritates other users
  • Keeps running shitty modified Petya/Goldeneye called jjjj Ransomware
  • His mother's name is Nikolina Mihaljević.
  • He was born in October 18th, 2005.
  • He lives in Zagreb-Novi Zagreb.
  • His name is Andrej Mihaljević.
  • He has brainwashed a lot of people and converted them into his fans, and they're likely not multiple tabs.
  • He makes people feel unsafe and uncomfortable by sending them death threats.
  • Despite what it might seem like, he's very smart with his persona. He can continously troll people, to get them to turn around to him, and make them waste their time on him, when they could be doing something else. This happened to Lumpy HTF!
  • jjjj was discussing with Guestphobe on how to deploy a VNC server (TightVNC) onto my PC, in order to "destroy it". Luckily, I saw the messages, Guestphobe wasn't the one who wanted to destroy my PC, and it never worked.
  • His socials are located here. If the revision is deleted, then his socials are backed up at File:Jjjjsocials.png
  • His objectfag aliasas (according to his deviantart) are: Sandra Bug Productions, Sandra Vivian Janette and Leia POE, JanetteTheCuteGirl, Belinea Computer and MBTOT2022.
  • He owns something called "Orange Codec". It is a subreddit and a Fandom wiki.
  • His personality is completely different outside of Computernewb itself, being a objectfag and gofag, and is actually nice.
  • Claims to hate BFDI despite being a objectfag.
  • He has a Acer Aspire 3 laptop, with Windows 11.
  • He can't admit he's Nina005.

About @andrejnkv on Twitter/Instagram

Since I always see people saying @andrejnkv is Andrej Akan's Twitter/Instagram/etc account.

It is NOT Andrej Akan and it is some random person with the same name "Andrej" and so you are only harassing someone random on the internet, which only makes you look bad, or in your words, retarded.

Andrej Akan lives in Croatia while the person behind that Twitter/Instagram account lives in Scotland.

Andrej Akan ONLY took his profile picture to claim it as his face.

Gallery of autism