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Nina005 is a Croatian schizo and an enigma to all who encounter him, who is a massive, and I mean massive larper who clearly doesn't belong on the internet. He has numerous obsessions, (hyper)fixations and what have you.

He has zero self awareness, low level English skills gathered from random people on the internet in places he doesn't belong, a very minimal amount of actual education and he often speaks in runes that happen to look like English sentences.

He LOVES impersonating people, making up shit, writing nonsensical stories, utilizing his imagination to extents never thought possible by humans and barely managing to leak it out on the few fragments of internet places he frequents, unconditionally listening to the voices in his head, having his bouts of general insanity, sharing his schizophrenic delusions with the world, LARPing as one of his personalities in his head on any site he's developed a certain fixation with for sometimes a few moments or even 4 hours straight.

He has been here on the site for a disproportionately long time (since late 2015), so he would know how people on here act.

Out of his many, MANY schizophrenic personalities one from the herd stands out: Andrej Akan! There is a overwhelming amount of evidence supporting the claim that Nina005 is Andrej, but that could actually come from Nina pretending to be Andrej, but... you never know!

How to tell if nina005 is on the VM

There are a lot of ways to tell honestly, his online personality changes like every damn week. Usually, you can tell pretty much straight from the get go with Nina's extremely predictable patterns.

  • Guest speaks nonsense in the chat.
  • Guest mentions Base64 for no reason.
  • Guest opens a YouTube video of a baby show and puts it on fullscreen.
  • Guest mentions nina005 for no reason.
  • Guest opens one of Nina's (many) socials to then sporadically pick one of random things from it.
  • Guest decides to initiate a (in (one of his many) character(s)) schizophrenic-infused mental breakdown for as long as he can hold said personality in his head until he finally completely loses it and reveals himself to be Nina005, and starts to become sensible.
  • Guest has a bout of confusion for a bit, and then begins to play a character along with some loosely coherent storytelling.
  • Guest opens Google inquiring strange things like random video games.
  • Guest renames himself to a series of English letters that are in and of itself incomprehensible by nature (one of his many names), and starts looking up random shit.
  • Guest spergs about retarded nonsense in the chat.
  • Guest goes to some random Croatian forum.
  • Andrej is on the fucking VM.