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Document Created January 4 2018

Prepared By: Technoturnovers, CHOCOLATEMAN, et al.

Clearance Level 3/3151 required, access restrictions may apply.

Item #: SCP-3151

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3151's domain and IP address is to be blocked from all major internet service providers and censored from all search engines, under the guise of "malicious activity". Access to the website may be granted to Level 3 personnel. All personnel assigned to SCP-3151 must be immediately detained after 3 hours for psychological screening and possible amnestic administering.

Description: SCP-3151 is a website located at ████████████.com, with an IPv4 address of 23.███.███.███. This website contains many personal projects, attributed to several people, including a "Dartz", "Lily", "Elijah", "DarkOK", and "CHOCOLATEMAN". So far, all attempts to uncover and trace the identity of these individuals have resulted in failure.

One of the projects listed on this website is "CollabVM", hereby designated as SCP-3151-A. Upon entry to SCP-3151-A, the website will begin to list a seemingly infinite number of virtual machines that the user can control. Each VM runs a pre-installed home operating system[1], typically Microsoft Windows and various distributions of the Linux kernel. More esoteric operating systems such as TempleOS, 9front, Collapse OS, as well as various unofficial modifications of the Windows operating system, have also been found among the list.

When the user clicks on a desired virtual machine, they are brought to a page where they can control it, and are given free rein on what to do with the virtual machine. The page contains the virtual machine itself, a "vote reset" button to reset the VM back to its default state, and a chatroom where users can communicate short, 140-character messages to each other. Attempting to engage with users in the chatroom has mostly resulted in word salads, unrelated rants, insults, and incomprehensible sentences, often featuring bizarre grammatical contractions not found in the English language.


  1. With the exception of "VM7" and "VM8", which have no operating systems installed.