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Sandbox here.

I happen to be on the Computernewb Wiki,

I am mostly known for moderating some of the UserVMs and the wiki,

(and apparently doing a crime (lolwut))

I also have been on CollabVM since 2016, started being active in the community in around 2019/2020.

I fix some of the templates here to be NetSurf-complaint for some reasons.


If someone doesn't trust that it is me they can ask for me to:

  • Upload a screenshot on my subdomain ( or alternatively, the wiki using my OWN account of the current chat

Or alternatively ping me in the CollabVM Discord asking if someone is impersonating me on a VM (do NOT ask me to send a message in #public)

NOTE: Do not ask me for me to log in to any UserVM as moderator or administrator since that way is vulnerable

Wiki Award(s)

Deletion Award.gif
Mega Deletion Award!

This Admin has successfully beaten the crap out of many,
many articles in rapid succession. Fear them greatly.

Choice of software

  • Media Players(s): XMPlay (For MODules), Winamp (For compressed or lossless formats), QMPlay2 (For videos and YouTube)
    • Video Editor: Kdenlive
    • Music Editor: Sneedacity
    • Music Tracker(s): Renoise 3.2.0, Milkytracker
  • Image Viewer: IrfanView
    • Image Editor(s):, mspaint
  • VM Software: VirtualBox, VMware, Virtual PC 2007
    • PC emulator(s): QEMU, Bochs, 86Box, DOSBox-X
  • Browser(s): Brave, Male Poon, Firefox (legacy & after-quantum), NetSurf
    • Mail Client: MailNews (roytam1fork)
    • FTP Client: Filezilla
    • VNC Client: TightVNC

Also since I have a total of 4GB of RAM in my system, I mostly use these Steam arguments: -no-browser -skipstreamingdrivers -vrdisable -single_core -silent -open steam://open/minigameslist -nocrashdialog - nocrashmonitor -norepairfiles -noverifyfiles -nodircheck -nofriendsui -noaafonts -manuallyclearframes 0


I made several projects, most of them are private or ended up in /dev/null, here are some of my public ones