UserVM Hosting Rules

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In order to keep the UserVM page safe for all, we ask that hosts abide by these rules. Violation of these rules may result in delisting or in some cases a site ban.

  1. CollabVM rules 1 through 5 must be enforced on UserVMs. Breaking of these rules by your VM staff will result in immediate delisting.
  2. UserVMs must not contain malicious scripts in their titles or MOTDs. This includes stealing VM credentials, and blocking access to other VMs. Violating this rule will result in immediate delisting and a site-wide ban with no chance of appeal.
  3. Users who are banned from CollabVM and/or its channels may not host UserVMs and may not be given staff access on other UserVMs
  4. CollabVM staff may not be banned from UserVMs.
  5. UserVMs may not collect IP addresses or other personally identifiable information of users for malicious purposes, including but not limited to doxing users and DDOSing
  6. UserVMs may not be used to allow banned users to evade CollabVM bans
  7. UserVM hosts must be in the CollabVM discord. This allows us communication with hosts