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VNC or Virtual Network Computing Is a remote connection service, It is similar to the RDP services but making a vnc server is alot more easier.

What is the purpose of VNC's?

Its like RDP's but how VNC's works is you can remotely access a work desktop from home (or other location), or to allow remote technical support people to take over a computer for support activities.

TL;DR: Its basically RDP but with extra security.

Dartz have made their own VNC Resolver but barely anyone cares about the resolver anyways

Hows the security? Well, In my opinion, I would say that the security is actually pretty nice, its alot protective than RDP's services. And its faster by speed and responsiveness.

Pros: Its alot better than RDP, its well creative and had some extra protection to it. Its alot more easier to make a VNC server and overall, a really useful remote desktop software

Cons: Need to add a bit more security like verification, user and passwords and permissions.

I have added 8 different types of VNC's but I will add more.

VNC Software's



+Free for personal and commercial use +Simple installation


-No built-in encryption -Poor support


Its versatile platform compatibility and support options make it a good option for companies and personal users alike. Regardless of which platform you use to connect, RealVNC offers a stable and secure connection between devices

VNC Overall


Connects to other computers to perform a task remotely

Remote access via mobile device

Fast connection


A fast internet connection is required for VNC to work smoothly

Initial setup is a little complex

Connecting to a machine with multiple connected monitors is difficult to scale