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Most information from this article predates 2019, and may contain inaccuracies.


Chinigan's name was used from 2015 to about 2016.


Vanilla is a guy that joined CollabVM in April 2015, he first was called "Chinigan" and lied about being a girl for 2 years. He did some autistic Discord shit because FluffyVulpix pissed him off. He is the original creator of the "CollabVM Offical Server" but gave ownership to Dartz. He was also banned from it for a while because he was spying for Hannah. also donated Dartz USD$100. This name was used from 2016 through 2018.


In 2019, Vanilla completely went under renovation, no longer lying about their gender, and coming out as a femboy who prefers being called a she/her and pansexual the same time. No name changes have come by at the time of writing, so this is the current name Novella uses.