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Windows 8 is a desktop operating system by Microsoft introduced in 2012, which had a tablet UI. Its server counterpart is Windows Server 2012, which introduced Aero Lite and bad Wi-Fi support.

File:Windows 8 Start Screen.png
Windows 8 start screen


Windows 8 was hated for the following reasons:

  • Removal of the Start button, a feature since Windows 95
  • Removal of the Classic theme, you could only get it back through screwing with DWM or some other nonsense
  • Failed attempt to bring a tablet UI to the desktop
  • Addition of heavy Telemetry (and where all of the spyware fuckery really started)
  • Forced updating for Windows 7 users like with Windows 10 where it smuggled itself through official Update channels and tried to completely molest your Windows install
  • Removal of the old Open With Win32 dialog and replaced with OpenWith.exe, a Metro/UWP based dialog where if you wanted to exit the dialog, you had to either press ESC or >Click outside the dialog
  • And oh, Metro apps being harder to navigate than Win32 ones
  • And if you thought the regular Metro apps were bad, >No obvious way to exit the Fullscreen Metro apps
  • >Forced sign-in to an online Microsoft account, so they could spy on you more effectively
  • >Useless both in practice and in concept, maybe for drooling tablet using retards
  • >Start screen (Although you can bring back the old Start menu with Open-Shell)
  • >Charms bar
  • >File Explorer's new Ribbon
  • >Move your cursor to the bottom left to activate the Start screen!
  • >A whole slew of annoying "features" where you had to "Bounce your cursor around the screen to activate some retarded nonsense you don't care about!"
  • Metro being a horrid idea in general
  • No real UI design, looks like straight out of PowerPoint
  • Not many metro apps
  • Wasn't good for desktops

Like with other Windows releases and their absolute clusterfuck of a feature-set, you could easily disable some of the things Windows 8 added, like you can remove the Ribbon with OldNewExplorer and you can remove almost all of the Metro garbage with some tool I forgot the name of.

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 was technically a service pack and a "major" update to Windows 8. It added:

  • Start button
  • Better for tablets as well
  • More metro apps

But the criticism was still very much valid, and it still had the Metro UI. But even then there were some issues with it:

  • There was a start button again, but it didn't remove the Start Screen
  • Did nothing to remove the atrocious Metro UI and virtually no choice to get the old Windows UI back
  • Still had just some of the same problems with the previous release
  • You could only get the update through the Windows Store for a while and you couldn't even use official update channels to get it
  • "Better for tablets", but not any better for desktops
  • Introduced more bugs and yet more exploits(?)

There weren't many notable improvements with this one other than "bugfixes" and "performance improvements", and maybe some core changes?

Windows 8.1 exists as a VM on CollabVM.

Windows 8.x Metro Apps

Apps that exist on Windows 8.x Metro:

  • All of the default Windows 8 Metro apps
  • Old versions of Chrome have a Windows 8 mode (22 to 48)
  • MyTube