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Yahoo! Messenger is an instant messaging client created by Yahoo, first released on March 9, 1998. The final version was released in 2012 (not counting the "new" mobile version released in December 2015) and the service was officially shut down on August 5, 2016. Currently, there are two server emulators for Yahoo Messenger: PhoenixIM and Escargot.

How to use Yahoo Messenger again


PhoenixIM is currently the recommended server for Yahoo Messenger. It currently supports Yahoo! Messenger 6.0 and some versions of 5.x. The list of supported clients is below.

Version Status
Pg-3-sm.png Pager Unknown
Pg-3-sm.png Messenger v2.0 Unknown
Pg-3-sm.png Messenger v3.0 Unknown
Pg-3-sm.png Messenger v3.5 Unknown
4-5-sm.png Messenger v4.1 Unknown
4-5-sm.png Messenger v5.0 Unknown
4-5-sm.png Messenger v5.5 Working
4-5-sm.png Messenger v5.6 Unknown
6-11-sm.png Messenger v6.0 Working
6-11-sm.png Messenger v6.1 Unknown
6-11-sm.png Messenger v7.0 Unknown
6-11-sm.png Messenger v7.4 Unknown
6-11-sm.png Messenger v8.1 Unknown
6-11-sm.png Messenger v9.0 Unknown
6-11-sm.png Messenger v10.0 Unknown
6-11-sm.png Messenger v11.0 Unknown

How to register & use

Registry patch

In order to connect to the servers a registry patch must be applied. To do this:

  • Hold down the Windows Key and R.
  • Type regedit and hit OK or Enter.
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\pager
  • Right click and create a String value called ConnServer.
  • Click on the newly created value.
  • When the box comes up, type either or
  • Click OK.
  • Restart Yahoo Messenger if its opened.
  • Sign in and it should work.

Alternatively, you could make a .reg file with the following contents:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


You can also download the YPatcher from the PhoenixIM website.


Yahoo Messenger support is currently very limited in Escargot, but a few versions have basic support implemented. As of December 2020, 4 versions are known to work with Escargot's servers:,,, and To use it, the "Yahoo! Messenger support" option must be enabled when signing up for an Escargot account (or resetting your password). It is likely insecure, so you are recommended to use a throwaway account.

Version Status
Pg-3-sm.png Pager Not Working
Pg-3-sm.png Messenger v2.0 Not Working
Pg-3-sm.png Messenger v3.0 Not Working
Pg-3-sm.png Messenger v3.5 Not Working
4-5-sm.png Messenger v4.1 Not Working
4-5-sm.png Messenger v5.0 Working
4-5-sm.png Messenger v5.5 Working
4-5-sm.png Messenger v5.6 Not Working
6-11-sm.png Messenger v6.0 Not Working
6-11-sm.png Messenger v6.1 Not Working
6-11-sm.png Messenger v7.0 Not Working
6-11-sm.png Messenger v7.4 Not Working
6-11-sm.png Messenger v8.1 Not Working
6-11-sm.png Messenger v9.0 Not Working
6-11-sm.png Messenger v10.0 Not Working
6-11-sm.png Messenger v11.0 Not Working