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CHOCOVIRUS is a series of viruses created by CHOCOLATEMAN, which spanned over 7 years worth of 8 viruses. The first four viruses were written in Batch, and everything else (5+) was written in C++.


  • CHOCOVIRUS 1 - The very first CHOCOVIRUS release, revel in all of its Batch glory, as it defiles your computer's poor registry with its feared and reverred GO GO GADGET POLICIES KIT, and copies itself to several directories on your computer, breaks all the associations on your computer so you can't do shit anymore (Spoiler alert: IT'S REALLY FUCKING EASY TO FIX) and sets itself to startup... Not in the registry, oh no no NO, in WIN.INI!!!!
  • CHOCOVIRUS 5 - The first C++ release, was a collaborative effort written by CHOCOLATEMAN and Ctrl.
  • CHOCOVIRUS 98 - The first (and only) VB6 release, it works on literally everything plus it replaces the boot screen if you're using 9x operating systems.
  • CHOCOVIRUS 7 - The latest and greatest in the CHOCOVIRUS trilogy, CHOCOVIRUS 7! Is private and still being worked on.