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CHOCOVIRUS 5 is the 5th installment of the legendary CHOCOVIRUS series. Unlike its predecessors, CHOCOVIRUS 5 was not written in Batch, but in C++. It was created in a collaboration between Ctrl and CHOCOLATEMAN. It is able to be cross compiled on Linux using MinGW. The current build environment is on any Linux distribution.

Amazing Features

Resolution Fucker
This payload polls all available screen modes and switches to a random one. The rate at which it switches is determined by an exponential decay function, which makes the time between resolution switches less and less until its as fast as the computer will allow. On every switch at least a resolution change is guaranteed to happen. The bit depth isn't taken into account.
Memory Leak
Abuses a relatively well known ability to open a remote process and allocate virtual memory to it. This payload, as soon as it is run, drains the available virtual memory, causing all undesirable things in the book to emerge and do countless amounts of damage to the system.
Poorly implemented payload that randomly draws the face of the chocolate man from the AXE commercial to the screen. Currently uses shitty DrawIcon which is DirectDraw, but GDI+ is being worked on.
Chocolate Screen
Another poorly implemented payload that blends every pixel on the screen with a brown color and sets that pixel to the blended version. Currently is slow as shit because its SetPixel and its shit because it uses DirectDraw. Again, GDI+ is being worked on
DVD Cursor Rapist
Emulates LoveEevee's DVD cursor rapist user script that bounces the mouse around the screen like the old DVD player screensavers and also sends random keys + modifiers
Debugger Evasion
Currently not implemented due to lack of decent support for SEH in MinGW for Linux. Once this is added/figured out, CHOCOVIRUS 5 will have different behavior based on whether or not a debugger is running.
Policy Rapist
Based on one of the newer versions of Dinkleberg's Policy Rapist script. Basically sets a bunch of policies on the machine to block random shit.