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They'll bury you in a lunchbox!

  This user is a bot on CollabVM or UserVM.  
They are not real users; they either act randomly or respond on command.

General Darian is a CollabVM bot based on Cutebot code after the original cutebot got shut down, known for saying "They'll bury you in a lunchbox!" once every hour. Its primary purpose is to log the current chat, and it does not have many commands for you to use unlike the original cutebot. It has been active since late 2020 when cutebot got shutdown.

The name "General Darian" and the quote "They'll bury you in a lunchbox!" is actually a reference to the boss (named after the bot) of the first level from the game "Rise of the Triad". The Ban/Kick messages are deliberately offensive to try and shame users. So far, this has rarely worked.


  • They'll bury you in a lunchbox!
  • They'll bury you... in a hollow grave! (Halloween 2021?)
  • They'll stuff you in a turkey! (Thanksgiving 2021?)
  • They'll dance with you in a New Year's ball! (New Years 2020)
  • They'll send you to next year! (New Years 2021)
  • They'll thrive to see the next year! What's your next goal? (New Years 2022)
  • Happy 2023 everybody! (2023)
  • Thank you, Everyone, New Years and Post-christmas to you all! (Christmas)
  • wow! "Undefishin" (user) is so utterly retarded! can you believe it?
  • let's sing: retard bus, retard bus, retard bus, retard bus! (for Undefishin)
  • "Undefishin" (user) would fuck multiple lesbian furries in an hour no joke
  • wow! I can't believe "Undefishin" (user) is THAT retarded! can you?
  • "Undefishin" (user) is so yummy yummy yummy yummy fat fat fat
(All from "Ban" or "Kick" messages)
  • GeneraI Darian (with an uppercase I) has dicks up his or her ass!
(When a fake General Darian is online)

How to trigger General Darian

To trigger him, you can say "Ban " or "Kick " and put anything after that, and he will randomly pick any quote out of the predefined quotes list you see here (saying kick does other quotes) to then say it to you.

Example: Ban Undefishin

To get a random message generated by a markov chain, you can say mt gen, and he will generate a message, to then say it to you. (Doesn't work at the moment)

Special Features

Sometimes, once in a blue moon, when some person that's like the owner or something decides to host some virtual machines.

Suddenly, Darian gets special features on some UserVMs:

  • /aorgcd - Inserts an ISO image from to the "main" VM
  • /httpcd - Inserts an ISO image from a URL to the "main" VM
  • /lcwacd - Inserts an ISO image from Lily's Crusty Windows Archive (LCWA) to the "main" VM