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See also: Frequently asked questions about the rules

Don't violate the law

Using CollabVM or CollabVM's network to violate United States federal law, New York state law, or international law is strictly prohibited. Using CollabVM's network to violate any laws in your country of residence, even if it is not illegal in the United States, is also strictly prohibited. If CollabVM becomes aware that a crime has been committed through this service, you will be immediately banned, and, if necessary, local law enforcement will be alerted of your activities.

CollabVM is required by law to notify law enforcement agencies when it becomes aware of the presence of child pornography on or being transmitted through its network.

No DDoSing

You may not use this service to DDoS an individiual, business, company, or anyone else.

No email spamming

You may not use this service to send "spam" emails.

Don't abuse exploits

Do not abuse any exploits you may find. Instead, report them to me at NOTE: RATs, TeamViewer, and other such tools do not count as "exploiting" or "cheating".

Don't impersonate other users

Do not impersonate other members of CollabVM. If you are caught you may be banned.

One vote per person

You may only vote once, do not use any tools to bypass this restriction. You will be warned at first, then likely banned if you do it again.

No drama

Do not cause massive amounts of chaos in the chat, in the VM, or with other communities. (Drama involves 4 or more users fighting.)

You are responsible for what you do on these VMs

CollabVM is considered a proxy service, and by using this service, you acknowledge that everything you do on these VMs are logged, and that you accept responsibility for any actions you perform on these VMs.