CollabVM Server 1.x/Removed Features

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CollabVM Server is everyone's favorite server that powers CollabVM. This article covers CollabVM Server 1.


VM Descriptions

Inside src/Database/VMSettings.h, there is a declaration for a string named "Description". However, it appears no code was written for it.

However, by adding HTML tags after the Display Name of a VM, it is possible to create something like a description. This is frequently used in UserVMs.

Frame rate limiter

Before the removal of ODB, there was a commented declaration for "FrameRate" inside src/Database/Config.h.

Web App

Username colors

At one point, CollabVM Server 1.x had different username colors which indicated ranks. Red indicated an administrator, blue indicated a developer, and black indicated a registered user. These roles were never finished and mostly don't work properly.

The red "Administrator" rank was officially added back into CollabVM Server version 1.2.9.

The blue developer role only exists in the CSS, and no trace of it exists in the server. Presumably, this color would have been used by Cosmic Sans, Dartz, and Geodude.

There is a reference to a "RegisteredUser" role in the server, so there is some support in the server for it, although there is currently no way to activate it through normal means. It is rather difficult to distinguish a guest user from a normal user although if you look at it very closely, you can tell a user has a darker shade of black than a guest.

This suggests that at some point, guests were meant to have different colors than registered users.

It is worth noting that at one point, accounts were meant to be added into CollabVM Server 1.2, but this was cut and was added into CollabVM Server 2.0 instead. Currently, CollabVM 1.2ts, the server that is currently used today is capable of accounts.

Admin Panel

Connect to Monitor

A "Connect to Monitor" button is present in the admin panel but is commented out. This was presumably used in a very early iteration of the Admin Panel as the panel automatically connects to the QEMU Monitor in newer versions.

Disable Change Username

Presumably would allow you to prevent username changing on the VM. No code for this function exists in the server.

Disable Virtual Keyboard

Presumably would allow you to prevent using the virtual Guacamole keyboard. No code for this function exists in the server.

Restore Periodically

Alongside "Restore on Shutdown", a feature to restore a VM periodically is present, but commented out in the source code. Code for this feature is also present in the server. It allowed you to automatically restore a VM every x amount of hours and x amount of minutes. This would have a similar function to which restored every 15 minutes. This feature was never finished and does not work correctly.

Disable Web Server

This would presumably allow you to disable the internal web server. No code for this function exists in the server.