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Template:Not Recommended Below is a list of CollabVM Server 2.x Releases. You can download older or newer versions of CollabVM Server 2.x here. Each release will be supported for 2 years unless otherwise stated.


  • Red = Unsupported version. Strongly recommended to not use. Download link is included.
  • Orange = Older version - still supported. Download link is included.
  • Green = Current version - supported. Download link is included.
  • Blue = Future version. Download links will be provided once released.
  • Pink = Beta version. Download link included.

Release history

Version Released Brief Description Notes End-of-Life Download link February 17, 2020 First official release of CollabVM Server 2. Server is completely rewritten (actually shit). Some new features include: User accounts, new theme, new admin panel, support for several hypervisors/emulators, RDP support, audio support for both VNC and RDP, and a lot memleaks, not recommended. February 17, 2022 Linux (x64)

Windows (x64)