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Monicasan!!!! is some extremely bizarre schizoid furfag, who came into existence during the fourth 4chan raid on CollabVM or some shit like that. He found some vulnerability or whatever that let him login to the admin panel which got fixed extremely quickly. Then he became an admin because he's on for 23 hours a day, but then got fired pretty quickly afterwards for being a retard. It is extremely probable he will be arrested within the next 2 years.

During his time on the VM as "hannah", he would set up hilariously inefficient methods for fork bombing the VM, would often try to install Linux and fail (seriously, he couldn't even install Ubuntu without failing, something even pajeets managed to do successfully). He also had hilarious sperg fits and couldn't run fucking collab-vm-server (which, mind you, has been done successfully by GoFags), and would run shitty bots that started vote resets all day.

Oh yeah, and also he's 20 and he still pretends to be a girl on the internet, so he's probably some queerosexual faggotrino.

Somehow, despite all this, this little shitface is still on the VM. In recent times he is known as "mr.forkie" aka "Jacob Massey".