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CollabSquad was a YouTube account hacking group created in 2016 dedicated to hacking GoAnimate accounts, being Christopher Rahaman and the lot. It, upon its creation, had a total of 5 people in it: Dinkleberg, Technoturnovers, Garry12gg, Mark, and Hannah.

CollabSquad has hacked many famous YTers, including the verified user, Nikkicrafter55, and a 2k subscriber that used GoAnimate, ABT1000. They even almost got into Social Repose's PayPal!

CollabSquad was first known as CollabCorp, and their first ever target was Nikki. After hacking Nikki, they found out about a music company named CollabCorp, so they renamed themselves to CollabSquad.

A few months after its creation, CollabSquad was defunct due to laziness, drama during Hannah and a lack of vulnerable targets. The group no longer exists, despite attempts from impersonators to recreate it to this day.

The story of how ABT1000 got hacked (Very heavily hated by CollabSquad)

ABT1000, otherwise known as AngryBirdsTunes1000, was a 2k subscribed user on YouTube (at the time when the account didn't get hacked).

With over 1k videos, He made animations in GoAnimate which were adored by dozens of fans.

On August 19th of 2016, ABT was hacked by CollabSquad, and all of his videos were renamed to "HACKED BY COLLABSQUAD!", including them making 2 of their own videos named "WE ARE COLLABSQUAD" and "HACKED BY COLLABSQUAD".

A common type of video that CollabSquad uploaded to the hacked channel was of Bolbi from the hit show Jimmy Neutron, slapping and clapping, alongside with the official theme of CollabSquad (Hollywood Undead - Undead).

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