Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 (VM 2)

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Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 (VM 2)
CollabVM virtual machine
Introduced6 December 2016
OSWindows XP
Node IDvm2
Previous VMVM1
Next VMVM3

VM2 is the third VM in CollabVM. The VM currently runs Microsoft Windows XP Professional x86 Service Pack 3.

The VM contains several preinstalled programs, including 7-Zip, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Visual J# 2005, Mypal68 (a fork of Mozilla Firefox 68 for Windows XP), Notepad++ and Everything. Unlike the other Windows VMs (except VM 0b0t), the user does not have a disk quota set. The VM has the Royale theme with the Stormy Bliss wallpaper set by default. The VM has 100 GB of space. It has 3 GB of RAM and comes with a QXL graphics card, allowing it to run some basic 2D applications.

VM2 and VM1 are the only VMs on the site that have never changed operating systems, and it's the only VM on the site that has kept the exact operating system (in VM1's case, it switched from Tiny7 to full Windows 7).

Previous Incarnations

Operating System Version Time Period
Windows XP SP3 2016-12-06 - now