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Virtual PC 2004 is an x86 that was originally created by Connectix as a Macintosh program, and it was later ported to Windows 95/NT 4.0. Shortly afterwards, Microsoft bought the program and released Virtual PC 2004, and later Virtual PC 2007. They then released Windows Virtual PC which only worked on Windows 7. Eventually, it was replaced by Hyper-V. There's also a server variant of Virtual PC known as Virtual Server 2005 which added an Adaptec SCSI adapter.

This page mainly focuses on Virtual PC 2004.

The most notable difference between Virtual PC 2004 and 2007, is that 2004 comes with additions and support for older versions of Windows such as 3.1, and 95.

A full compatibility table can be found here

Emulated hardware

  • Chipset: Intel 440BX
  • Sound card: Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16
  • Network card: DEC 21140A 10/100
  • Video card: S3 Trio64v+ PCI