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Looks like it's raping time!
Better bring lube.


Inspector Gadget is a wanted criminal and depraved homosexual. He is currently on the run from British Police after claims of sexual assault and rape, and spends his days as a Forkie on CollabVM.

The Reign of Terror

Inspector Gadget has a fetish for severe assrape, and whenever he sees a clean, unmolested virtual machine, he will immediately get a rocket boner and rush onto the scene. He has the ability to utilize high-tech gadgets installed within his body. He takes advantage of this by deploying his feared and reviled GO GO GADGET RAPING KIT, causing all who witness this catastrophe to kill themselves out of disgust. Inspector Gadget has always been retarded, but he snapped at some point during 2015 when it was discovered he diddled a retarded child while on the job. However, due to the scope of his abilities, he has been able to evade authorities for years, ending up in America. Although he is not subtle and blatant in his crimes, police will ignore reports about him, saying, "If you keep prank calling us, you'll be arrested. You're wasting valuable police time and clogging up the phone lines, you hear me?" Clearly, they are unaware of the terrible danger he poses.

Inspector Gadget is Ekoserin?

Inspector Gadget has a partner known as 'Penny,' who prior to his status as a fugitive would assist him in solving crimes. Despite knowing the full extent of the Inspector's actions, she followed him to the US, and has since been under his captivity. Clearly, this depraved cyborg is a degenerate that likes 12-year-old girl ass. This leaves me to the only conclusion that Ekoserin must also be inspector gadget, and is creating cheesy pizza as we speak.


Currently, Gadget's whereabouts are unknown, as he uses GO GO GADGET VPN KIT, and does not stay on the VM for long periods of time. Calub Veim, Dartz, and others have reported sightings in Kansas City and Florida respectively, however there are even more reports stating that he is in Fucksville, Alabama or Detroit, Michigan. Any reports should be sent to the proper authorities immediately so that the proper actions can be taken.

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