CollabVM Server 1.x/Windows Port

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This page references older versions of CollabVM and its server, therefore, (some parts, or the entirety of) the information is irrelevant to the current version of the software.

NOTICE: This binary is UNSTABLE. It is in an experimental state and is subject to various bugs. Please report any bugs on the GitHub Issues page.

Thanks once again to modeco80 and CHOCOLATEMAN, collab-vm-server is now ported to Microsoft Windows!

It is built with MSYS2 (but can also be built with Visual Studio). The only difference between the Linux and Windows ports is that obviously the port runs on Windows and the setup page states it is running on Microsoft Windows. Other than that, the port is virtually identical to the Linux version. Currently, the only version of collab-vm-server that is tested are versions 1.2.7 and 1.2.8. However, older versions will probably run and compile but this is not tested.

The msys2 port requires at least Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 x86. The Cygwin port requires at least Windows XP SP2 with IPv6 installed.

To start the server, it is the exact same way you start collab-vm-server on Linux. Open Command Prompt (or PowerShell), go to the directory where the server is located, and type collab-vm-server.exe 6004 http. Enjoy!

Currently known bugs/issues

Note: This is also a issue with the Linux server, however it is not as noticeable unless you are trying to escape something
Bug: When you try to specify a Windows path, it will say "Root value is not an object" when trying to save the VM, due to an issue with RapidJSON.
Workaround: To bypass this, use double backslashes (e.g. C:\\Program Files\\qemu\\qemu.exe) instead.