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Hey look, it's Chika Takami from Love Live! Sunshine!! P.S. Watch Love Live!.

modeco80 is a CollabVM administrator since 2019, and well known C++ programmer. She's pretty smart, and has written lots of stuff to mess with the VM as well as managing to make forkies very angry. In fact, it's been proven that forkies hate her almost as much as CHOCOLATEMAN. She's also done some pretty impressive stuff on the VMs too. She can sometimes be seen writing C/C++ code on the VM's, similar to thefleebs. You may even catch her frequently fooling around in the Discord, or logged in as admin yelling at forkies, or doing cool stuff, sometimes with her friends.

She has taken many hiatuses over the years. Notably, in early October of 2019, modeco80 left the CollabVM Discord for what seemed like the final time. She is still around, but under a different username Colonel Sanders, later Colonel Seizureton. She returned in November of 2019. She would go on to lead CollabVM 1.x to a functional state, along with Cosmic Sans on 2.x.

After Cosmic's disappearance in June 2020 (she eventually took over his role as lead developer), and much prolonged frustration with Cosmic's work, she would go on to rewrite CollabVM entirely and make "CollabVM 3.0". There were multiple attempts at this - first there was "CollabVM 3.0" back in late 2021. It suffered from a long, arduous development cycle. Eventually, it was canned not long after.

Eventually, after a long period of time, so long in fact, you'd think she'd never even try to make another attempt again, she decided to scrap the old codebase and start a new one. It went under the same name as last time, CollabVM 3.0. This time, development went by a lot faster. New features were being added at a faster rate, and much needed ones at that. There would be, in a long line of incredible features, a custom VNC client written from the ground up, much cleaner code compared to its predecessors, a rewritten webapp with live VM thumbnails, and fully-functional audio. Yes! Audio! You're not dreaming! That would mark the first time CollabVM had audio since 2.0! CollabVM 3.0 is projected to release sometime in early-mid 2024.

She is currently the lead developer of CollabVM 3.0.

Her epic accomplishments

  • Synetra, a program written in C that mimics the functionality of CHOCOLATEMAN's Cursor Rapist. (early 2018)
  • HonkLMOS, a custom LMOS implementation written in C, using the AHK source for reference only. (early-mid 2018)
  • Oopslock, an evolved version of HonkLMOS, a program that locks the computer forcefully. (mid 2018)
  • Oopslock 2, a new version of Oopslock that uses IronLock, and significantly cleaned up source code. (mid-late 2018)
  • IronLock, a library to lock the computer. (mid-late 2018)
  • Whee/Pixta/Pixta2, all of them being GDI malware, with effects that was very impressive for its time. (mid-late 2018)
  • Afork, a background program that stops forkies in their tracks and foils forkbombs. A good idea, that would not ever see the light of day again. About the only anti-forkie that actually gets the idea right. (early-mid 2019)
  • CHOCOVIRUS 6, the 6th installment of the wonderful CHOCOVIRUS series. She wrote the new "Blitz" C++ backend for it. (mid 2019)
  • NeptuneVM, a rewrite of CollabVM 1.x written in C#, that was going to be "CollabVM 2.0" in 2019, before it got canned due to her leaving. It was never completed, and as such left unfinished. (2019)
  • Very important contributions to CollabVM 1.x and 2.0, along with developing the CollabVM 3.0 codebase. (2019-2022, late 2023-onward) She is also responsible for the Windows port of CollabVM 1.2.8. (late 2018)

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